COINTELPRO and Sarvodaya part 9

Harassment Report in Badulla District Center


This report was written in the end of October, 2013 when I stayed in Badulla, and COINTELPRO harassments became so rampant there. Mr. M, the district coordinator and his friends routinely stalked me inside and outside Sarvodaya, too.



As a matter of fact, I always tried to be kind to Mr. M in Badulla District Center. For instance, when I came back from Japan for renewing visa in September in 2013, I brought him a used IBM laptop computer as a present. Besides, for him to use that computer, I also gave him a new converter (210V to 110V) which cost me about 4,000 rupees ($33).  I did this out of compassion, so I did not expect any return from it, but Mr. M took my kindness for granted rather than appreciating it. After all, he was merely using his position to get money or goods from the international volunteer.


For example, when I went to Haptale to attend Hindu festival on Aug 16, the Hindu village leader offered me Uva tea for 800 rupees/kg.  The leader cannot speak English, so I ordered 2.5 kg of UVA tea through Mr. M as souvenir for my friends in HQ and in Japan. They promissed me to deliver it in a week or so, but they did not. I urged them several times because my departure date to going back to Japan was coming soon. Three weeks later on Sep 7, the day before my departure to Japan, finally the Hindu village leader came to Badulla District Center to deliver the tea leaves. Then, suddnely, Mr. M raised the price of the tea 1.5 times from 800 rupees/kg to 1,200 rupees/kg, excusing that this was higher quality tea than the originally ordered. Moreover, he had ordered 3 kg although I said 2.5 kg, and he took the extra 0.5 kg for himself. I do not know whether he paid for this 0.5 kg because I did not see him paying any money from his wallet. However, all things considered, it can be surmised that from the beginning Mr. M planned to take the 0.5 kg “for free,” making me cover it by suddenly raising the price. Inthis regard, it makes sense that he delayed the delivery until the very last day of my stay in Badulla so I would not have time to cancel this order and buy from another tea shop.


Furthermore, on the night of Aug 25 and the early morning of Aug 26, some guests who stayed in neighbor rooms in the hostel annoyed me intentionally, but Mr. M merely denied the fact. Later that night (about 10:30 pm) they were still so noisy and annoying that I could not do work in my room. Thus, I played Buddhist mantra music with my laptop. Then, the guests came to my room, banged (and kicked?) the door of my room several times, and shouted something in Sinhara. On the next morning, 4 am, another guest came to my room, pulled the door knob hard repeatedly, and made loud noise to wake me up. I opened the door and asked why they did such a thing, but they just pretended that they thought it was their friends’ room. However, the night before, they came to my room to harass me so obviously they knew that this was my room, not their friends’. Nonetheless Mr. M still denied these perps’ intentional harassment.


Similar incidents happened several times other than this. On Oct 18, a large group of people stayed in the hostel. They did the similar thing – when I came out of the bathroom after shower, they turned the door knob of my room to make noise and pretend they were about to come into my room. The reason they did it at this timing is because I was naked so I could not come out immediately to check who were doing it. Although I complained it to Mr. M, he merely said: “They (the hostel guests) are my main income.”


After all, Mr. M does not sincerely offer to help me when I am in need. For example, last time I came from HQ to Badulla on Sep. 28, Mr. M also showed up in HQ with Sarvodaya’s van. However, he did not give me a ride to Badulla although he also came back to Badulla just the next day (Sep. 29). Actually, over these three months in Badulla, I have never been anywhere with the Sarvodaya’s van (except to Badulla town and near bys like Haptale on Aug. 16). I know they took another volunteer even from Moratuwa to Mahiyangana on Sep. 4 and to Nuwara Elya some day last week.


By the way, speaking of Mahiyangana, Mr. M once told me he was planning a trip to Mahiyangana for me at the end of September. Thus, I shortened my stay in Japan to come back to Sri Lanka by the end of September to join the trip he planned. However, it never came true. Again, I am not complaining about not taking me anywhere. I would rather prefer working seven days a week because I am here to teach Japanese and English – not to do sight-seeing. Nevertheless, it is very disappointing to see that M is cooperating with COINTELPRO harassment against me although I have been sincerely working for Sarvodaya — for free – and even spending a lot of money for them.


Harassment Report


Note: The followings are merely a part of the whole harassment that I have received in Badulla. Only the cases about which I can submit hard evidences are listed.


Sep. 7, Morning to afternoon

One of the buttons of my watch was taken off while I put it either in my room or in the classroom. It cannot be possible that the button came off naturally, because I bought it last June and was still new. Moreover, the button and the frame of the watch are made of steel, and they are firmly attached. You need a tool such as a pinch and strong pressure to pull the parts off.


Sep. 7, time unknown

About 2 cm diameter of black stain was made on my martial arts uniform while I kept it in my suitcase. From the circumstance, it was obvious that someone intentionally put used machine oil or black ink on the uniform. Nonetheless, Mr. M claimed that maybe oil (or dirty water) dropped from the ceiling, which explanation does not make sense at all because the uniform was “in” the suitcase.


Oct. 7 daytime

The heel of my sandal was cut out about 2cm long while I put it out in front of my room to dry. When I took the sandals into the room in the evening, they were neatly placed as I had put before. If a dog bit it, the sandal should be moved away from the original place, but it had not moved even an inch. Nonetheless, Mr. M repeatedly insisted that probably a dog bit it.


Oct. 18, time unknown

I found that about 3 cm diameter of oil stain was put on the cover letter of my CV. I kept the letter in a plastic file case. Besides, I also put several sheets of other documents in the same file case, but only the top of the cover letter (my name part) was damaged. This copy of the letter is very hard to replace because I do not have a printer or a USB stick (pen drive), so I have to carry my laptop computer to a shop in town to print it out.  Here again, Mr. M claimed that maybe oil (or dirty water) dropped from the ceiling, which explanation does not make sense at all.


Oct. 22, time unknown

About 3 cm diameter of yellow color stain was made on my white shirts while I hanged it to dry after washing.


Oct. 26, Morning

About 15 drops of black color oil were sprinkled on one of my blue shirts while I hanged it outside the room. I had some similar stains on these shirts in June at Shramadana. However, this time the stains were made “inside” of the shirts as I hanged them inside out. Besides, only this one was damaged but the other clothes were not, although they were hanged all together to dry on the same clothes rack. Therefore, the stains seem to be intentionally made of seemingly used machine oil or something by someone. Nonetheless, Mr. M repeatedly insisted that probably a bird did it.


This type of harassment is usually carried out “in group” – NOT by an individual. In fact, this morning at first I merely asked Mr. M “Do you have time after I finish my morning class? I need to talk to you.” He seemed to get nurvous a little and call his friend to come to the district center. At this point, I had not yet told him anything about the harassment. Nonetheless, he seemed to know that I was going to ask him about the troubles. Moreover, at the very same timing as I was about to start explaining the incidents after the morning class, his friend appeared to join our conversation. From the beginning until the end of our talk, Mr. M only tried to persuade me to think as if “all these things happened by accident.”


Besides, he did not show any sympathy with me as a harassment victim – instead he kept suggesting other possibilities, for example, “Maybe a dog bit the sandal” or “The oil dropped from the ceiling and attached on the martial arts uniform.” The important point is that he “explained the reasons of happenings” like the above immediately without thinking as if he had prepared the excuse in advance. On top of that, what he said mostly sounded like made-up stories that cannot possibly happen in real life situations. I am not saying that Mr. M did all the harassment. However, at least he knew these were NOT coincident, but he tried to cover it up. Also it is clear that he was NOT sorry at all to hear what happened to me. In fact, after we had this conversation, he gave me a ride to Badulla Station to fix my train ticket to HQ. While he was driving the van, he was even humming a song.



COINTELPRO Crimes in Badulla

June 11, 2014

9:48 am COINTELPRO Stalking Crime by 3 workers in Sri Lanka telecom truck #252-0892

4:25 pm COINTELPRO Stalking Crime by Mr. M, the district coordinator with Sarvodaya’s van

4:35 pm COINTELPRO Stalking Crime by the local corrupted police, plus 3-wheeler drivers, etc

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