COINTELPRO and Sarvodaya part 8


“They (mind control waves) easily could be broadcasting across the country messages to people and causing them extreme pain. That’s part of the whole world domination strategy: control the population from subconsciously to consciously” (Dr. Robert Duncan).
– And now we’ve got a motive: controlling dissenters, controlling the world, controlling you and me.

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura “Brain Invaders”


Photos of Minobusan Temple in Lunuwila, Sri Lanka



Time is money

As mentioned in the previous report, I emailed Sarvodaya HQ to suggest inquiring the man in the temple about which room’s key was identical to the one that “happened to match” my room door.  In response to my email, Mr. B replied, but he only quoted Ms. N’s words, and tried to put all the responsibility on others. Moreover, he asked me: “Did the man in monk robe steal your valuables?” Yes, of course. He stole invaluable time and energy of innocent people including me, which the man cannot replace forever. He will have to compensate for it in a bad realm after his death.

As a Buddhist friend, I humbly suggested that all Mr. B needs to do to mitigate the results of bad karma are as follows:


1) Go to the temple by himself, and investigate the facts. Who in the world believes Ms. N? She is the one who lied to me in the first place.

2) Acknowledge what he did to me and apologize for always delaying my departure to the places of my activities, and keeping me in Moratuwa HQ for weeks for nothing so you could make me waste my time — Besides, putting me into the place where the host members were ready to sabotage my teaching, and pretending that he were innocent.

3) Publish the name of the person who told him to do the things above in (2).


By-so-doing, he will be able to get himself liberated from the mind control, too.

Any other efforts than this will merely waste his own precious time. Life is short.

I concluded the email: “Have a nice weekend, and have a nice life after death!”


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