COINTELPRO and Sarvodaya 7


NEUROWEAPONS: How US cover stories are keeping a Cold War Weapon + Illegal Human Testing Secret
By Cheryl Welsh

“The public should be warned about the very real danger of secret US neuroweapons and a thorough impartial investigation of the allegations should also be conducted [NOW]”

Cover story: Neuroweapons: Inside Story of the Mind Control Project
TORTURE: Asian and Global Perspectives
A bi-monthly magazine on the issue of torture.
Jun-Aug 2013, Vol 02 No 02 & 03, Pages 43-73
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The spare key in question


I noticed that I had left my watch at the temple. Last Friday as soon as “the man in monk robe” I would not call him monk anymore) yelled at me to get out of the place, the electricity and water supplies to my room were cut out. Therefore, I had to pack all my stuff with stream of sweat because the fan stopped, too. The room became audaciously hot. Still “the man in monk robe” rushed me to get out, so I did not have time to double-check my belongings. Two days later, today, I have remembered that I left my watch tied on the bed, and informed Sarvodaya staff by email.


I also told the staff that this might be a good opportunity to prove whether what the man in monk robe said was true. On the morning of Tuesday, May 6, the third day of my stay in the temple, I came back from the post office in Lunuwila around 10:30 am, and realized that I lost the room key. No staff was in the temple despite of the weekday. The man in monk robe was not there, either, although except this day, he never went out on weekdays because he had to conduct his pre-school. As he emphasized on the first day, “there was no spare key to my room,” so I was locked out for six hours, doing nothing in the temple until the man came back at 4:45 pm (He originally said he would be back around 3pm). While I was locked out, I went back to the post office to search for the key. On the way to and from the post office, the local police vehicles (License #90-29 at 10:55 am, and #HD 75-98 at 11:15 am, etc) drove back and forth passing by me on purpose to make me notice their obvious stalking. One cop in the back seat even showed a grin the moment he recognized my face.


As a matter of fact, I had similar experiences several times when my step-mother and I alone lived in the house after my father died. She never went out at night, but only when I forgot to bring the house key when I went out, she went somewhere and did not come back until the next morning. Consequently, I was locked out all through night. Also I once locked in both the house key and the car key in my car at a gas station. Since trains already stopped running, I walked two hours home to take the spare key to my car. However, again Step-mother went somewhere and did not come back until the next day. In these situations, she cut out her cell phone, too, whereas usually she did not. As long as I remember, a similar thing happened one more time within a year. Other than that, she never went out over night. Hence, if you calculate its probability, it cannot be a coincidence.


Turning back to the main topic, when the man in monk robe came back to the temple, he brought a bunch of other rooms’ keys, and we tried one by one a couple of times. However, no one matched. He went back to his office, and brought one key. That one finally matched. He “emphasized” twice or three times that the key was not originally to my room. Accordingly, it will be a good idea for the Sarvodaya staffs to ask him which room’s key is identical to the one I was using, and actually try it to open. Then, we can easily clarify if the man in monk robe was tricking us in terms of the spare key in question.



Classifeid Weapons of Nueroscience Technologies


Regarding my report, some readers may think that I am just a careless person to lose valuables so often. If I were not a victim of COINTELPRO / MK Ultra, probably I am so. However, please note that the present nueroscience technologies can manipulate not only sleep, but also one’s actions and even memory. For example, if someone stimulates a certain part of your brain which corresponds to a certain body movement, say “raising your arm,” then you raise your arm against your will. There is a victim of COINTELPRO/ MK Ultra, who was a truck driver of Kuroneko Yamato, the biggest carrier service company in Japan. While he was driving, he got a remote manipulation, and mis-handled the steering. Consequently, he got a serious traffic accident.

In fact, on the morning of the day when I “lost” my room key, some items dropped from my hands in an unusual way. For example, a business card popped out from my fingers and fell to the ground when I tried to put it back to my wallet. Half an hour later the voltage transformer that I used for my laptop computer suddenly slide down and fell to the ground although I was being careful not to drop it when I put it on the laptop and was carrying them from an office to my room, They were as if testing the remote attack devices. Thus, to tell the truth, I was anticipating that some harassment like losing a key might happen on the day.


Such story may sound unbelievable to those who are not familiar with the nueroscience field, but one of psychology classes in my university, the professor acknowledged that such manipulation is technically possible today. The reason why many people may have never heard about it is because most technologies related to so to speak “nuero-weapons” are strictly classified by the government, as Cheryle Welsh, the representative of “Mind Justice” points out in her thesis: “There is proof that neuroweapons (mind control weapons developed during the Cold War) are another formidable weapon…However, their power lies partly in keeping them secret so they can be used surreptitiously”(Cheryl, 2013).

(See: ) Mind Justice is the most renowned human rights organization against nonconsesual human experimentations on the neuro-weapons. See also my interview with Welsh that I uploaded in the beginning of this blog. ( )


As a matter of course, normally civilians are not supposed to access those devices. However, the man in monk robe said that he studied in Japan for Ph. D for many years. Therefore, it may not be so difficult for a higher-degree student like him to have connection with the experimenters and researchers of nuero-weapons.


Likewise, someone can erase or alter our memory, too. Accordingly, for instance, a perp can make up my memory or cognition that “I locked the door and put the key into the pocket…” while I actually did not. In fact, when I realized that I “lost” the key at the temple, firstly I thought that I possibly left the key stuck in the door lock, but someone found and took it. When I told this possibility to the man, he remained silent.

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