COINTELPRO and Sarvodaya part 6


He (the interrogator) hoped to confuse me, to overcome my resistance with a combination of threats and arguments…. The interrogator was trying to instill in me a feeling of guilt (151).

Cheng, Nien. Life and Death in Shanghai. New York: Grove Press, 1987. (posted at “Unprecedented Human Rights Violations“)


307. Many men whose shoulders are covered with the yellow gown are ill-conditioned and unrestrained; such evil-doers by their evil deeds go to hell.

311. As a grass-blade, if badly grasped, cuts the arm, badly-practised asceticism leads to hell.


(The educational video for “men whose shoulders are covered with the yellow gown”)



Sleep Deprivation and Its Result


Today, May 23, the monk at Nichiren-shu Minobusan Temple finally revealed his real face. This morning he suddenly banged (and probably kicked) the door of my room hard, and kicked me out of the temple, yelling like a yakuza. It seemed that he had been looking for the chance to repel me before I publish all the facts about him. He finally made it this morning.


Last night a neighbor played music with extremely huge volume “again.” They did not stop it until midnight. At the first night when I arrived at this temple there was a same problem, so I reported the monk, but he only laughued. Obviously, the monk did not care about my suffering at all – He even seemed to enjoy watching me annoyed, which turned out to be true later.


I could not study or sleep with that loud music. Besides, through my stay in the temple, I could not have a good sleep due to so called “Electronic Harassment.” Sometimes my sleep was less than 4 hours. Last night I decided to ask the neighbor directly to stop it, but the music was so loud that I would not make myself heard even if I yelled. Thus, I threw mangos at the house to let them know my appearance. However, since I cannot throw well, I used up all three mangoes that I was able to find on the ground, and only one hit the roof. Nonetheless, no one came out. I tried tossing broken pieces of tile barely over the wall to notice them.


At last someone came out. The loud music was still going on, so I had to shout – hence, also the monk should know the problem, but he ignored us – I explained to the neighbor that I could not sleep because of the noise. The neighbor said that the noise was not from their house but some other place. I could not understand how they could sleep if it was not from the house, but anyways I apologized for my misunderstanding, and asked them to either call the police or visit the house to stop the music. However, she replied: “YOU call the police (I do not care).” Someone said that people in this area are so “primitive” (rude or rough) that even the Sri Lankans in other area do not want to come here. I indeed met rude people here, but they also, including the monk, do not have a practice to help each other like Sri Lankans in other area do.


Psychology of COINTELPRO Perps


Next morning, of course, the monk did not miss this big chance; as we could expect, he used the last night event to make me look so bad, and used as the reason to kick me out. I was supposed to study with the teacher and students of the temple’s Japanese class. One earnest student came from afar early in the morning. I explained to her that immediately I had to leave the temple. I offered to teach her after packing my stuff, and she agreed to wait for me. However, the monk came toward us to listen to our conversation, and yelled: “No, you can’t. She is MY student!” I went back to my room for packing. According to the Sri Lankan teacher, he also scared the student off, threatening her if she studied with me, she could not come to the temple’s class anymore. Thus, the student was frightened and ran away home. The teacher left me a lunch she made. It was so good. She told me as a Sri Lankan, that she was so sorry about this situation, and she really wanted to study with me, too. I was sorry, too, about the fact that the monk was concerned about himself, not about the students.
Last weekend my credit card was missing, and when it came back last Wednesday, I kindly explained to the monk a possibility of COINTELPRO harassment. He immediately denied it in exactly the same way as most COINTELPRO perps do, whom I have observed over the decade.
Furthermore, from the first day the monk kept emphasizing that “there is no spare key to the door of my room, so no one could enter,” which was always untrue. In interrogation of the police, it is often said that a true culprit often emphasizes an “unnecessary” alibi, which an innocent person would not do. Besides, he never made a spare key for me although there was a plenty of time to do so while I was staying. In addition, I saw his hands shaking when he held the piece of paper I gave, which I wrote down a brief introduction and the title of my database blog on covert crimes: “Unprecedented Human Rights Violations.”
Today Ms. N, the district coordinator, was called to the temple. She asked me where I was going after this. I did not answer the question at first. While I was packing, she and the other Sarvodaya staffs were discussing what they should do. Then, I heard the monk saying: “Ask the police” ”(if I understand their conversation correctly). The staffs agreed with him. They knew that the Sri Lankan police also have the system for tracking regular people just like other “COINTELPRO nations” such as the U.S., Communist China, and Japan. However, on Wednesday I claimed to the monk that the local police of the Lunuwila village routinely chased me every time I went for a grocery, but he pretended not to believe such a thing occurring. Now it became clear that he was lying to me.


The Temple with No Monks
Later on Wednesday the former provincial coordinator and a local Sarvodaya member bothered to come to my room. The former provincial coordinator asked me how many more days I would stay. He excused that they wanted to know whether they need to change the room key, but I felt that their true purpose underlied somewhere else. As I expected, he then said that door lock was very expensive, and asked me twice whether I felt the sense of guilty for losing the key. Why did he turn over the thing that happened three weeks ago now? To me, the reason looks identical to the old trick of COINTELPRO: “Pushing a sense of guilty on the victim of their harassment so the victim would be discouraged to accuse their wrongdoings.”
Speaking of “trick,” this morning when the monk was kicking me out, he also brought up my throwing stones” over and over again but never listened to the reason for that. I suggested to him to read my report, and admit how bad things he did to me. The monk shook his head, and escaped every time I mentioned it. Instead, he yelled like a yakuza to kick me out. I said: “Why’re you so angry? That’s not a monk’s behavior. The Buddha is watching you!” Then, he said: “Ha! Now you ‘trick’ me.” I just conveyed the Buddhist truth. In Psychology, there is a term called “projection.” If this is the case, it was not I but the monk who was tricking people.
For the third or fourth time I told him “The Buddha is watching you!” pointing at the Buddha statue, he shouted “I do not care!” He does not care what the Buddha taught. He was not even a Buddhist. Everyday I read the Buddhist sutras. In Dhammapada, there is the verse as follows: “Those who wear monk robe but do not behave as monk are more likely to go to hell (than lay people).” From now on, every time I come across this verse, it will remind me of this Sri Lankan man yelling at people like a yakuza.
For the last time I said: “The Buddha is watching you!” he talked back to me in upset voice: “The Buddha is watching YOU, TOO!” I immediately replied with a happy face: “Of course! I have nothing to hide, hahaha.” I am so happy if the Buddha is watching us all the time. At last he stopped talking to me.For the last, I asked Ms. N who told her to lie to me: “There is no Japanese school here” in the first place. She answered that the man did.


Putting me into such a temple on purpose was what the Sarvodaya staffs did after a year of my sincere volunteer service. As the yakuza-like man ordered to me, I packed all my stuff within two hours without eating breakfast and left “the temple with no monks.”

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