COINTELPRO and Sarvodaya part 5


“Hidden Evil” by Mark Rich
*Scroll down the webpage and see the movie from 6 min 00 sec. You can see the pictures of the dead victims.


Confession by a former COINTELPRO perp:

Lil’ Rin, on December 17th, 2006 at 10:27 pm Said:

I used to be a gangstalker and I am so ashamed to admit that.
It was terrible, and I am so sorry for those I hurt.

State-Sponsered Terror Campaigns
There are some tactics that are much more subtle that you may experience if you’re targeted. Now you know why some people are driven to suicide…These organizers may be more aware of some of your habits than you are.

Moving out of the community or state will not stop this harassment.(7, 101, 200) This is not only nation-wide but it is happening in all NATO countries.Individually, some tactics may not be illegal or very potent, but when combined with other tactics in a systematic round-the-clock fashion, day in, & day out, they are a painful & difficult to prove form ofTorture (p.40-41).

Mark M. Rich, The Hidden Evil,, 2009

“I was naive. I did not know how the technologies were going to be put together and the ultimate weapon created.” (Dr. Robert Duncan)

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura “Brain Invaders”


This morning Mr. B called me at the temple instead of replying for me by email. Yesterday I emailed him to inform that it was Mr. B himself that mentioned M-san’s involvement. In addition, I let him know what the former provincial coordinator said to me: “It was Mr. B that told us NOT to have you conduct many classes.” These facts totally contradict to his excuse in the previous email. This is probably why Mr. B did not email me back. He did not want to leave written evidence of his words concerning the denial of his responsibility.

On the phone, said: “You do not know who is telling a lie, hahaha. Now you cannot trust anyone, no? hahaha.” His voice sounded like enjoying watching me confused – I was not really confused, though; I was just worried about the bad results of his karma that comes back to him.  In fact, I was on comparatively good terms with Mr. B most of the time. He may not remember this, but last year June when I came to Sarvodaya, he reviewed my resume, and asked me to teach him Buddhism. I thought he was kidding at that time, but if that was serious request, I am responding to it now as a friend.


In this report, I illustrated a part of how COINTELPRO perps destroyed the victim’s career. However, it seems that Mr. B (and the others involved) did not feel any sense of guilty with what they had done to me. Very often in COINTELPRO each perp’s action is too subtle or too minor to be called “a crime.” Hence, little does each perp feel the sense of guilty even though they are participating in such atrocious organized crimes.


Nonetheless, when these minor cases are accumulated, their actions can destroy the life of an innocent victim. Besides, many victims of COINTELPRO simultaneously receive so called “EH (Electric Harassment).” This is remote torturing by classified weapons, thus it is hard to prove. Nevertheless, they can drive the victim into committing suicide or serious crime such as murdering. In the Military term, this tactic is called “compartmentalization.” It is well known that the Nazis Germans used the “compartmentalization” when they developed secret weapons, or carried out secret operations such as Holocaust.


Accordingly, it can be said that the COINTELPRO perps’ actions are causing indirect killing of innocent people –consciously or unconsciously. Not to mention, such killing is the most sinful deed not only in Buddhism but also in Christianity, Islam, and even among atheists.


Message from a victim’s family

Guess Who (Los Olivos, CA) #25 Feb 6, 2008

And don’t kill yourself, I know you feel like it, I do, too, but please don’t do it. You are far too important. It should be the gangstalkers and cops and politicians who kill themselves and the landlords and lousy neighbors who kill themselves, but don’t you do it. Please. My son committed suicide and my daughter has made several attempts and partly from the gangstalking and partly because of losing her brother and I feel like it, too, it is horrible to lose a child and a horrible thing to live with day after day to know your son is gone and you can’t see him or talk to him and I could lose both children if my daughter does it, too.

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