COINTELPRO and Sarvodaya part1

Now I am staying in a temple at Botalegama village near Nattandiya, between Negombo and Chilaw.
I have been in trouble since I came. As mentioned above, on the very first day, 1,000 rupees were missing from my wallet in my room. On the third day I lost my room key on the way to a post office, and it never returned. Since they did not have a spare key, I was locked out for 6 hours, waiting for the monk to come back. The monk “happened to find” a matching key out of the other rooms’ keys. Nonetheless, the monk did not change the room key. Later some other belongings of mine disappered from my room, too.


Finally, last weekend I found my credit card lost with the notebook when I came back from a short trip to Badulla for vesak perahera. I put the credit card in the pocket of the notebook. That book had the phone #s and addresses of all the people I met in Sri Lanka, including your phone #, contact info of “Gandhi’s Family” members from India I met last March, and so on– some of which info are not replaceable since I have no back-ups. I put my credit card in it, and both were missing, so I reported it to some people.

In fact, however, it turned out that the notebook and credit card were “returned” in my suitcase although I had searched there many times before! Besides, the missing scissors were put inside a small medicine bag in the same suitcase, which place I had searched carefully before, too. As a matter of fact, these kind of weird things often happen to me, and, this is very common tactics of “COINTELPRO” harassment. Many of the COINTELPRO techniques attempt to psychologically stress out the victim while making the victim look “paranoia.” There is a famous TV star in Japan who claimed on TV the same case as mine.

Not only with my credit card but that also happened to my Military ID when I was in the Army. Also When I was a student in college, my study notes, which listed important points for test, were often stolen right before an exam, and a couple of days after the exam was over, the notes were replaced between books and the desk in my room, where I had searched over and over again before but could not find.

Sometimes the stolen items never returned like the 1,000 rupees and the room key I lost in the current place. Anyway, now someone has my room key, so it is not really difficult to carry out such harassments to make me feel like “I should get out of this place” from my side. I think this is their aim — although I am used to it now.

By the way, when I told the monk that I “found” the credit card, he seemed to know it, grinned and said:”It’s your fault”– He never said any empathetic words like “Oh, I am happy to hear that you found it anyway.”

The most strange thing was that the monk emphasized “no existence of the spare key.” The monk insisted that no one could enter the room because “there was no spare key to the door.” However, an identical key had been stolen since May 6, and the monk also knew of it. The fact is that someone in this village should hold the key still now, therefore it will not be so difficult to carry out COINTELPRO harassment. Nevertheless, he became “defensive”in order to deny a theft or harassment from the beginning. What the monk said sounded like using “no existence of the spare key” as alibi.


As for my accommodation in Botalegama, an independent building was allocated to me, which has a bedroom, kitchen, office room and bathroom. The monk here said noboday is using this facility right now so I can use it as I like, but very soon problems occurred.

Firstly, two boys, who had been using my room before I came, constantly came in and out of the room routinely, making an excuse that they need to recharge their cell phone battery in the room or pick up their clothes they left there. They also checked every action of mine. When I went to a nearby grocery store to buy water, the boy was standing at the temple gate and watching me until I came back. Besides, one of the boys saw my luggage and boxes in the room and asked:”What’s this?” like an inspector.

Moreover, everytime I started typing something with my laptop, they immediately came into my room, sat beside me, and watched what I was typing. They did the same thing when I took shower. After I started taking a shower, the boy came into my room immediately. When I finished taking shower, he walked away. While they were doing this, they were always contacting with someone by text message on the cell phone. Somehow they seemed to be able to monitor my actions from outside – otherwise, they could not come to my room so quickly everytime I start doing something.

Secondly, when I checked my wallet, Rs. 1,000 was missing from it as I mentioned above. Since the two boys constantly came in and out of my room, I could not always lock the door. Thus, I was not sure who else might come into the room. Therefore, I did not report the case to the monk. At last these boys left the temple a week after, and at least the privacy problem ceased although some other troubles continued.


Regarding the place where I am staying now, I originally requested Sarvodaya to send me to Trinchomalee area. However, Mr. B, Director of International Unit asked me to come here, Botalegama, because according to Mr. B, there was a request for an English and also Japanese teacher from Malawira District Center. Accordingly, I sacrificed my original plan and accepted their request.

On the contrary, however, since I arrived at Botalegama, I did not have any class until 7 days later. Moreover, the monk of the temple and Ms. N, the Malawira district coordinator even tried not to let me teach Japanese in this place.

Nonetheless, the first two classes both on English and Japanese were successful. The students were aparently enjoying studying with me. However, soon the sabotaging started and some of the students stopped coming. The harassment still continues against the remaining students.

In order to sabotage my volunteer teaching, Sri Lankan COINTELPRO perps make various kinds of harrassments. The kid perps of Botalegama Village come to gather in front of the temple where I stay. They loiter there not only to stalk me but to tease students of my class, and discourage them to come for the next time. The kid perps repeat psychopathic scoffs at me or my students when passing by them, and embarrass us. In fact, there were more than ten students who really seemed enjoying my class in the beginning, but a lot of them suddenly stopped coming.

I know that most kids (and adults as well) do not like “only study” very much, so sometimes I show popular films from Japan which Sri Lankan people can rarely see. Last week I planned it and informed people around, including those kid perps, to invite them to join it if they had time. However, the moment I mentioned “the film show” they burst out laughing. One kid said: “I-don’t- English” and others laughed loud again. As is the case with COINTELPRO stalkers, they seemed to know I was coming there to inform of the film show, and they came there to sabotage it. In fact, I saw one enthusiastic student of my class in the group, but he was embarrassed by the surrounding kid perps. As a result, no one showed up that evening.

In Sri Lanka as well, there are many people who are not happy to see others’ success, and rather enjoy watching others suffering or failure. This keeps the country’s overall educational level low, which “they” are happy to see.


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