COINTELPRO and Sarvodaya part 4


Mittapatirūpakā ‘‘Cattārome, gahapatiputta, amittā mittapatirūpakā veditabbā. Aññadatthuharo amitto mittapatirūpako veditabbo, vacīparamoamitto mittapatirūpako veditabbo, anuppiyabhāṇī amitto mittapatirūpako veditabbo, apāyasahāyo amitto mittapatirūpako veditabbo.

Siṅgālasuttaṃ (The Buddha’s advice to Singala about frineds)

次の四種は敵であって、友に似たものにすぎない、と知るべきである。 すなわち、(1)何ものでも取って行く人 (2)ことばだけの人 (3)甘言(かんげん)を語る人 (4)遊蕩の仲間 は敵であって、友に似たものに過ぎないと知るべきである。 (2)ことばだけの人 「過去のことに関して友情を装う」「未来のことに関して友情を装う」「利益になることを言って取り入る」「なすべき事が眼前に迫ってくると、都合が悪いと言って逃げてしまう」





I emailed Mr. B and told him that I was well aware that these were being carried out on purpose. These were intentional sabotage against my activities so I would be discouraged to teach—especially Japanese language–in Sri Lanka. In addition, I was aware Mr. B was also involved in it, too — consciously or unconsciously. I had originally requested to go to Trincomalee as the next activity place.


Also last March when I went back to Japan to renew my visa, I conveyed my hope to Mr. B that I would like to spend a month in India to have different experiences. All these hopes were turned down by Mr. B’s words “There is a demand for English and possibly Japanese teacher in Malawira area, so you should go there first,” which turned out to be untrue as I explained the above.


Moreover, he delayed my departure for three weeks, and kept me stuck and idling in Moratuwa HQ.   I emailed him to let know of these, and gave him a chance to be an honest person who admits his own responsibility. t was not a surprise that his reply was merely trying to escape from all the responsibilities of directing me at the wrong place, and put it all to Ms. N, the coordinator of Marawila District. Hence, I emailed him back that I remembered a couple of months ago when I consulted with him about the next place for my volunteer service. He himself mentioned on the phone that a friend of his, called ‘M-san,’ told him which place I should go.


In other word, M-san interfered with the decision-making concerning the district where I should be sent to.   M-san is a college instructor from Fukuoka woman’s University, and she regularly visits Sarvodaya for her students’ project. She was in the U.S. for a while, and looked very narcissistic person. In fact, the very first time I saw her at cafeteria, she showed “a COINTELPRO performance” to us. Mr. B always wanted to work in Japan.   In addition, the place I was sent to is a Japanese temple, and the Sri Lankan. monk there speaks fluent Japanese. The  monk even runs a Japanese school, too. Thus, it was not surprising if M-san had connection with the monk and she was also involved in sending me to such a troublesome place.



As a matter of fact, Mr. B sometimes does “a COINTELPRO performance” to me, too. The moment he does it to me, he glances at my face obviously – with a sly grin – looking for a reaction from me. His case is the one which uses “the mind-reading devices,” thus it is too subtle to prove it. Deception is the name of the game in COINTELPRO. The Shakyamuni Buddha taught that liars go to hell (Sutta-Nipata Verse 661 & Dhammapada Verse 306). Thus, they will soon – or at latest when they die –realize what kind of karma they have created for their deeds.


Last year I decided to work in Sri Lanka because I wanted to practice Buddhism in the country that is well-known for sincere Buddhists. Now I was reminded that the Sri Lanka in official job such as politicians and  even teachers often say good things, but never practice what they said. They don’t care telling a lie just like other people under the Anglo-Saxon’s influence don’t.


Buddha also taught how to discern bad friends – Those who say good things, but never practice them, or who run away when facing inconvenient situations are bad friends; thus, you should leave them, the Buddha said.


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