COINTELPRO and Sarvodaya part 3

In the first week I reported about this situation to Mr. B, Director of the International Unit. Then, he offered me another place, where he insisted “There is a demand for an English teacher there” just like he said before I came here. Who could trust such words again? Therefore, I suggested my stay here for a few more weeks to find some ways to improve the situation.

 Also I visited Malawira District Center to discuss how I could make more activities in this place. However, there was a former provincial coordinator at the office, and he said a strange thing: “Mr. B told us NOT to let you have many classes.” Anyway, I explained that time of my stay here was limited, so I would like to interact with the local people as much as possible to contribute to their education field. He agreed with my offer and promised to set up an adult class for the Sarvodaya staffs and others, and also promised to hold an origami workshop on May 17 at their center. By the way, at that time Ms. N kept talking on the phone at her office and reported to someone what we were discussing, sometimes making loud scoffs, which sounded throughout the center. When she returned to us, she also asked me to have an English lesson for her.       

It did not take more than 3 days before all they said turned out to be irresponsible lies. I actually met and invited Sarvodaya staffs in this area to my class, and Ms. N said that about 15 people would come. Thus, I made photocopies of the textbook for them and prepared the class. Nonetheless, no one showed up. Ms. N also cancelled the origami workshop on the day before for an unclear reason, too. It seems that she never organized it from the beginning.


  In fact, this was not the first time I encountered “sudden cancelations” after they promised to come to class. For instance, on the very first day, a school teacher invited me to visit a local school to introduce Japanese culture. However, on the morning of the very day, he and the monk came to me and said it was cancelled for an unpalusible reason. On the second week, a member of the temple came to me and told that some students wanted to come for Aikido practice, so I prepared it. Again, no one showed up without any notice. It seemed as if they were making fool of me by this. No one would believe that these were just coincident.


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