COINTELPRO and Sarvodaya part 2

Regarding the place where I am staying now, I originally requested Sarvodaya to send me to Trinchomalee area. However, Mr. B, Director of International Unit asked me to come here, Botalegama, because according to Mr. B, there was a request for an English and also Japanese teacher from Malawira District Center. Accordingly, I sacrificed my original plan and accepted their request.


On the contrary, however, since I arrived at Botalegama, I did not have any class until 7 days later. Moreover, the monk of the temple and Ms. N, the Marawila district coordinator even tried not to let me teach Japanese in this place.  


 Nonetheless, the first two classes both on English and Japanese were successful. The students were aparently enjoying studying with me. However, soon the sabotaging started and some of the students stopped coming. The harassment still continues against the remaining students.   


When I arrived at the temple, I saw a big sign that says “Japanese Language Institute” at the entrance of the driveway. So I exclamatory said to Ms. N: “Ah, They (the temple) have a Japanese school!” since they did not tell me about it in advance. However, Ms. N quickly denied: “No! Here, no Japanese school!” Besides, on the first Sunday when I introduced myself to the Sunday school students at the temple, I said, “I can teach Japanese, too.” Then, the monk standing beside me immediately denied:“ No! You cannot teach Japanese.”


It was not long before what Ms. N said turned out to be a lie. Next Saturday I happened to find that there was a Japanese class going on at the main hall of the temple. I asked the monk’s permission and joined the class. The Sri Lankan lady, who was teaching Japanese there, was a truly enthusiastic teacher, and she asked for my support while I am staying here. We agreed to have a listening practice session for their Japanese exam next Tuesday.      


However, on Tuesday, I was waiting for them for hours, but they did not show up without any notice. Instead, the next Saturday the teacher and some of her students came to my office room, and explained to me what had happened last Tuesday. On the morning of that day, the Sri Lankan teacher called at the temple to let us know they were on the way coming here. Nonetheless, the monk said to her, “Don’t come today” because they were having Vesak ceremony at the main hall, so there was no room for the class. His reply of this was quite weird because we could have the class in my office room, which has enough capacity. In fact the monk already knew it because I sometimes had class in my office, and the monk saw that. After all, the monk did not tell me anything about her phone call.


 The Sri Lankan teacher told me that she had even prepared Sri Lankan food for my lunch and about to bring it. According to the teacher, one of the students came all the way from Colombo to listen to my lecture, but she returned home without having any lessons. She said that the student was really sorry about the cancellation because she was looking forward to joining my class.

On whatever motivation the perps are committing such dirty harassment, I humbly suggest this: They could compensate for stolen things. Nonetheless, time can never be replaced once it is lost. The perps not only wasted my time but also robbed promising Sri Lankan people, who will support this country in the near future, of their precious opportunities to study.

Furthermore, the children will quickly learn from the perps’ behaviors that it is socially acceptable to steal others’ privacy, harming others’ life by using the stolen information, and lie: “No one does such a thing! It is just a coincidence or your delusion, haha.”

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