Kids COINTELPRO perps in Lunuwila

In order to sabotage my volunteer teaching, Sri Lankan COINTELPRO perps make various kinds of harrassments. The kid perps of Botalegama Village come to gather in front of the temple where I stay. They loiter there not only to stalk me but to tease students of my class, and discourage them to come for the next time. The kid perps repeat psychopathic scoffs at me or my students when passing by them, and embarrass us. In fact, there were more than ten students who really seemed enjoying my class in the beginning, but a lot of them suddenly stopped coming.

I know that most kids (and adults as well) do not like “only study” very much, so sometimes I show popular films from Japan which Sri Lankan people can rarely see. Last week I planned it and informed people around, including those kid perps, to invite them to join it if they had time. However, the moment I mentioned “the film show” they burst out laughing. One kid said: “I-don’t- English” and others laughed loud again. As is the case with COINTELPRO stalkers, they seemed to know I was coming there to inform of the film show, and they came there to sabotage it. In fact, I saw one enthusiastic student of my class in the group, but he was embarrassed by the surrounding kid perps. As a result, no one showed up that evening.

In Sri Lanka as well, there are many people who are not happy to see others’ success, and rather enjoy watching others suffering or failure. This keeps the country’s overall educational level low, which “they” are happy to see.

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