COINTELPRO crimes of the Yamaguchi prefectural corrupted policemen –paid by tax money:

Mar 21, 2014 at 12:06 pm near JR Chofu station: two young corrupted policemen in uniform in mini police car. The cop on the passenger seat stared at my bike. If I remember corect, six months before when I went back in Japan for 2 weeks, he stopped me on bike and checked if the bike was stolen in Shin-Shimonoseki area. This is a very classic technique of CONTELPRO in Japan. 

Apr 1, at about 11 am near the entrance of Chidorigaoka-danchi: Two middled aged corrupted policemen in mini police car showed up to stalk me.

At 5:25 pm at the intersection of the public pool’s entrance (by the glasses shop, “Megane Super”):

The same two young corrupted policemen as appeared on Mar 21 in mini police car, and seemingly a couple of corrupted secret police agents without uniform in following regular cars.  The young cop on the passenger seat stared at my bike again just as he did on Mar 21.

Apr 2 at 6:45 pm near the Sea Mall: two corrupted policemen in mini police car stalked me.

At 9:17 pm at Saigawa JCT: two corrupted policemen in police car performed a classic COINTELPRO technique “street-theater” – they sirened and caught a citizen right at the same timing as the COINTELPRO victim passing by.

Apr 3,

 4 pm, on Route 2 near JR Chofu station, corrupted policemen in police car engaged in COINTELPRO.

Apr 5,

 1:20 am, in Shin-Shimonoseki on a short-cut to Chofu, two corrupted policemen in mini police car engaged in COINTELPRO.

Apr. 7,

At 11:11 am Shin-Yamaguchi station, COINTELPRO stalking by a fire-engine and a police car. Around noon, right before Kudamatsu exit on R2 By-pass, a police van stalked our car up to in front of Kudamatsu police station, and blocked us on the street to make a right turn into the police station.

Apr 9,

At 10:52 am, a corrupted policeman on small police motorcycle (#3202) ambushed at the crossing point of old Route 2 & JR Sanyo line near Chofu police station. He started running along the under-pass road.  He covered his nose with his hand. This gesture is commonly seen in Japanese and American COINTELPRO criminals. At 11:09 am when I reached at Youme Town shopping complex, this corrupted policeman ambushed there again, and he made a big U-turn right in front of me at the parking lot. He turned his face toward me and showed off his psychopathiclly nurd face so I would notice these encounterings were not a coincidence. This criminal technique is typicallly seen in Japanese and American COINTELPRO criminals, too.

COINTELPRO stalking by police car: 5:20 pm on old Route 2 between Chidorigaoka-danchi & Ouji Shrine, two middle-aged corrupted policemen in mini police car # 3-88. At 6:20 pm at Kajimitsu intersection, another two policemen with a little tensed face in police car #5-83. Both of these police cars are routinely used for COINTELPRO stalking. 


Apr. 11,

At 9:10 am, in front of JR Kokura station, when I was waiting for an express bus to Fukuoka airport, a police bus #3-47 (somehow it’s registered as in “Nagoya”) turned around me twice to make me realize they were stalking me. A couple of minutes after I got on the airport bus, other two police buses, one of which lisence # is also “Nagoya” #12-93 stalked our bus.


As described the above, corrupted cops mainly from Yamaguchi Prefectural Corrupted Police committed COINTELPRO crimes against me, an innocent victim of COINTELPRO. They relentlessly stalked me everyday while I was in Yamaguchi prefecture on Mar. 20, 21, and from Apr. 1 through Apr. 11 until I left Japan.


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