COINTELPRO / Mind Control Crimes in Badulla, Sri Lanka

Apr 24, 2014

Passara/Riversiade JCT 10:45 am, A corrupted policeman drove ambulance #GG 7357 to stalk the victim. His tensed face represented a typical mind controlled person.

Passara/Riversiade Rd JCT 10:47 am, A man on a motorcycle #BAN-9969 ambushed the COINTEPRO victim. He looked mind controlled, too. Around this JCT, COINTELPRO perps in Badulla routinely commit organized stalking.  

4:32pm by the gate of Sarvodaya, a middle-aged corrupted policeman drove a blue car #KS2794 to stalk the innocent victim of COINTELPRO.   This blue color sedan is often used by the corrupted perps of the Badulla district police.


Apr. 25,

1:30 pm On the way to a shop byUva univ. COINTELPRO Stalking by an ambulance, 1:36pm another ambulance #4392, and a 3-wheeler at a time

2:03pm At bus stop by Uva univ, COINTELPRO by ambulance #0446. This ambulance is routinely used for organized stalking in Badulla.   

8 pm Spring Valley Rd, near JCT with the Buddha statue, A van & 3-wheeler ambushed.

 11:30 pm — Uva wellassa university hostel, which is located very close to Sarvodaya hostel, and their hallway and Sarvodaya’s rooms face each other. Perps used “mind-reading (brain-wave detect & analysis)” device on the victim in the Sarvodaya hostel. The perps start noise harassment exactly when the victim tries to concentrate on his study in the desk and also go to sleep in the bed.

When their harassment started, the victim (I) in the bed chanted mantra “silently in mind.” However, the several perps came out of the hostel and mimicked aloud the melody of the chanting so I could hear it, and they laughed aloud. Sri Lankan COINTELPRO uses very low technology, too. About 0:00 am, they blasted a firecracker when the victim tried to sleep.


The COINTELPRO perps routinely gather at this Uva University hostel, and intentionally make noise to deprive the victim in Sarvodaya of sleep.



 US Air Force patent weapon which Sri Lankan COINTELPRO seems using:

 Sri Lankan COINTELPRO also seems using theU.S. Patent: Mind Reading/Mind Control Machine


The brain-detect device which Sri Lankan COINTELPRO will be using:

 CBS “60 Minutes”: Mind Reading



Apr 26,

 10:20 pm when the victim (I) went to bed, noise harassment started. I went out of the room to find where the sound –loud voice and music of radio program– came from. It sounded like coming from Uva University’s hostel, but strange to say, when I was outside, the sound became subtle. When I returned to my room, it sounded loud again. Thus, the US Military weapon “Medusa” might be used for this harassment.      



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