Human Rights Violations in Sri Lanka

Harassment Report in Badulla, Sri Lannka


Note: The followings are merely a part of harassments that I have received. I picked up only the cases about which I can submit hard evidences.


Sep. 7, Morning to afternoon

One of the buttons of my watch was taken off while I put it either in my room or in the classroom. It cannot be possible that the button came off naturally, because I bought it last June and was still new. Moreover, the button and the frame of the watch are made of steel, and they are firmly attached. You need a tool such as a pench and strong pressure to pull the parts off.

Sep. 7, time unknown

About 2 cm diameter of black stain was made on my martial arts uniform while I kept it in my suitcase. From the circumstance, it was obvious that someone intentionally put used machine oil or black ink on the uniform.

Oct. 7 daytime

The heel of my sandal was cut out about 2cm long while I put it out in front of my room to dry. When I took the sandals into the room in the evening, they were neatly placed as I had put before. If a dog bit it, the sandal should be moved away from the original place, but it had not moved even an inch.

Oct. 18, time unknown

I found that about 3 cm diameter of oil stain was put on the cover letter of my CV. I kept the letter in a plastic file case. Besides, I also put several sheets of other documents in the same file case, but only the top of the cover letter (my name part) was damaged. This copy of the letter is very hard to replace because I do not have a printer or a USB stick (pen drive), so I have to carry my laptop computer to a shop in town to print it out.  

Oct. 22, time unknown

About 3 cm diameter of yellow color stain was made on my white shirts while I hanged it to dry after washing.

Oct. 26, Morning

About 15 drops of black color oil were sprinkled on one of my blue shirts while I hanged it outside the room. I had some similar stains on these shirts in June at Shramadana (NGO work). However, this time the stains were made “inside” of the shirts as I hanged them inside out. Besides, only this one was damaged but the other clothes were not, although they were hanged all together to dry on the same clothes rack. Therefore, the stains must be intentionally made of seemingly used machine oil or something by someone. 

Vehicles Engaged in COINTELPRO Crime in Sri Lanka

Dec 2, 2013 at 10:40, in front of the Sarvodaya’s gate, Badulla
White van #PE 4223

Dec. 3, 2013
At 7:10 pm near the bridge on Passara Rd and Badulla River, I was walking on the left side of the road along the traffic. Suddenly a three wheeler, which was coming from the other side in the opposite lane, crossed the road and got in my way. The three-wheeler ran right toward me for a few seconds, and after almost hitting me, it turned back to the original lane.

Dec. 6,
At 7:50 pm at Passara Rd Junction near Muthiyangana, a van #PA 3260
At 8:00 pm at Passara Rd and Spring Vally Junction near the gas station, two white vans and a sedan.

People & Vehicles engaged in COINTELPRO crimes
Dec. 7, 2013
Four corrupted cops on two motorcycles (two for each) in front of Sarvodaya (12:15 pm)
The owner of a tire shop near Muthiyangana Temple (Around 1 pm)
Dec. 8
A corrupted cop on a motorcycle intruding into the gate of Sarvodaya (Around 8 am)
A white sedan #KR 2759 in front of Sarvodaya (12:57 pm)

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