COINTELPRO Report in Sri Lanka

As for corrupted police who engage in COINTELPRO crimes, Dr. Shibata testimonies as follows in her book. In my experience of travelling and living in over twenty countries, it can be said that the police are often the first ones who corrupt when COINTELPRO crimes prevail in the country. This appears to be because the police people are easily mind controlled by their own greedy desires for money, power and/or sex.


“York Mafia who has been coordinating my organized stalking assaults, [and] once told me jocularly, slowly and confidently looking straight at my face at the corner of the kitchen of my apartment (falsely claiming to fix water pollution…) in the evening on April 11, 2011, that the Mafia can identify which police officer could be manipulated in which way (probably by studying the given personality and inclination of the officer in question) in order to manipulatively use the officer to kill the target.When he mentioned the word “kill,” an air of enchanted manic pleasure leaked from his face (p.144 -145).”

Shibata, T. (2012). The invisible maiming torture enterprise of organized stalking assaults: International organized hate crime based on perceived psychiatric disability. North Charleston, SC: CreateSpace.


COINTELPRO report in Badulla, Sri Lanka:

 Aug 17, 2013, between 12:25 pm and 12:47 pm. Around the corner of the junction between Passara Rd (PBC Highway) and Riverside Road (also called Gangabada Road), two corrupted policemen, one in uniform and the other in Y-shirts, doubling a police motorcycle, ambushed an innocent victim of COINTELPRO. The victim had merely “thought” of going to pass by this junction to go to a photocopy shop nearby.

About ten minutes later when the victim finised photocopying at the photocopy shop near the junction, another two corrupted policemen, both in police uniform doubling motorcycle, ambushed the victim again and pssed by at the same timing as the victim walked there.

Next, another corrupted policeman in uniform along with a man in Y-shirts drove a blue sedan, and made a u-turn in front of the victim. This is a typical technique of COINTELPRO which organized stalkers commonly use for the purpose of psychologically stressing out the victim by showing their stalking 24/7. The driver (corrupted policeman) in the driver’s seat giggled when he recognized the victim’s face.

2 thoughts on “COINTELPRO Report in Sri Lanka

  1. Another Corrupted Policeman Report

    July 2, 2013
    Bad news. This morning my wallet was pick-pocketed from my backpak on the bus. Another volunteer staff in Sarvodaya and I were heading for Immigartion Office in Colombo to extend my visa. I was carrying lots of cash because visa extention costs a lot ($120 for one month extention). I was not sure if my rupees are enough. So I carried Japanese yen to exchange. Besides, just in case a bank did not accept Japanese yen, I also carried US dolloars. Consequently huge amount of money was stolen at a time.
    Things I lost were:

    1. Cash:
    100 US dollars
    20,000 Japanese yen
    and about 20,000 rupees
    (Total amount about 500 US dollars or 60,000 rupees.)

    2. Driver’s License of California, USA

    3. Credit card

    I went to the local police station near Immigartion office and they reffered me to Tourist Police at Fort. I made a police report there, but they said the person in charge was not there today. Thus, they told me to come back there again tomorrow, Wed, July 3.

    Fortunately, my friend (Chelsea) was with me, so I borrowed money from her for food and returning bus fare.

    July 2 cont’d
    Things I found today:
    First of all, in terms of the government work, everything is slow. To make a police report and come back to Immigartion Office, it took me three hours! Good thing was that at the first police station I went, the officers kindly treated me. Usually people have to wait in a long line outside the building, but they let me wait in the captain’s office, which was air-conditioned. Moreover, when they reffred me to Tourist Police, which is about 30 mins drive from there, the captain payed for three-wheel bike taxi fee from his personal money – it was so nice of him since all the money with me was stolen and I did not have even a penny.

    July 2 cont’d
    On the other hand, an officer whom I talked with at Tourst Police was terrible. It seemed he did not want to accept my report as criminal case. He kept asking me minor questions and repeadly said: “How can you be so sure that someone stole your wallet? You might have dropped it or left it at home,…etc.” He still tried to deny the case and even laghed while I seriously explained the situation. This process took us about 20 minutes. Finally I convinced him to allow me to make a police report. Then, his staff sarted downloading to print out the format from their computer! This process took another 20 minutes. At last I filled out the form and submitted. However, they told me to come to their office tomorrow again because the person who is supposed to precede the paper was not there. In addition, tthere was one more problem to clear – I have no money. How can I go back to Immigration Office, where my friend is waiting for me?

    July 2 cont’d
    He somehow suggested that I should call my bank or credit card company to ask for help, but I did not have their phone number. Besides, I did not think it would work because my bank and credit card company do not have a branch office in Sri Lanka –even if they do what can I do without the card? I expalined it to him and asked if they could provide a transportation to go back to Immigration Office. It seemed he knew that calling my bank/credit company was useless. He reluctantly accepted my request, and took an application form from shelves for using an official vehicle to send me to Immigration Office. He signed it, but lo and behold, he literally “threw” the paper at his staff. I do not know why he was so rude, but even his staff frowned upon with this action. Maybe he really did not want to help me. As you could imagine, it took another 20 minutes for the paper to go through the sections, and another 20 minutes to get a van ready. This is how three hours take to make one police report.

    July 2 cont’d
    In fact, I had noticed that a man sitting beside me on the bus was a little weird. He was with me from the beginning until the bus reached the very last bus stop, where we got off. About an hour after I got on the bus, I also noticed that my backpak on my knees was weirdly shaken three times (Probably he opened the pocket of the backpak, tokk wallet, and closed the zipper so I would not notice). Besides, he put something like a board on his knees so that his hands (and part of my backpak) were covered. Although I felt “the shaking” was strange, I thought that it would be rude to pull up my backpak and make sure everything is there. In addition, overeall, people in Sri Lanka were so nice so far, I did not want to suspect pick-pocket. I know this is my “bad” habit – trusting people too much. The saddest part of today’s incidnet was that I came to this country to help people in need, but I merely helped a criminal.

  2. The rude policeman mentioned above smiled for the first time two days later when I brought my female friend from the U.S to the office. He was restlessly watching my friend while I was submitting evidence documents. When we left the room, he kept statring at her butt, excuse me, her back until we truned the hallway to the elevator.

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