Interview with Derrick Robinson

 I interviewed with Derrick Robinson, the representitive of Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS). [ ] FFCHS is a human rights organization that supports the victims of new types of human rights violation, so called organized stalking and remote electronic assaults. Their goal is to provide public education to society about covert harassment, which the mainstream media are not willing to report. According to their official website, they advocate social change for freedom through peaceful means only, and reject any type of violence.



I asked the same question of Cheryl Welsh, the representative of Mind Justice, but my primary concern on this issue the advocate of Psychiatrist, Carole Smith in England.

 ii) To analyse the reasons why people might defend themselves from becoming conscious of the existence of such threats.

Welsh and I agreed that we cannot force any idea to people, but at least we can “request” cooperation to share the problem with people.

I believe that this is a part of public education.

So I would like to have your brief opinon to share with us.


[Derric Robinson, Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance]

I believe that many people who have a difficult time believing that the government is committing the atrocities we speak of, tend to think of it as an entity that helps people. And further, that the government receives its income from those they are allegedly destroying, therefore the targeting of those same people is illogical.

However, what those people may not realize is that there is the government and then there’s the “other” government. And that “other” government is who’s committing the atrocities. The real government has been hijacked by inimical forces – long ago. It is they who have seized control of the research, development and deployment of the mind control technologies upon mankind in this country and the world. The “other” government presides over the torture and destruction of thousands or millions of innocent lives.

Our organization strives to bring together victims for support and warn non-victims of the dangers we are facing as a civilization because of the actions of the “other” government and its cohorts.

We believe that by uniting all of us we will prevail in regaining our true government and freeing ourselves and others from covert harassment and surveillance.


That is a powerful message to people all over the world victims or perps.

I truly appreciate your cooperation.

In fact, people around me had not known much about this issue, and they were not  willing to get involved in it in the beginning. However, as I patiently and repeatedly explained what is going on with this covert crime behind the scene, they showed gradual understanding. I have constructed mutual trust with some people to work together on this issue now.

Thank you so much.

One thought on “Interview with Derrick Robinson

  1. Mr. Robinson said: “I believe that many people who have a difficult time believing that the government is committing the atrocities we speak of, tend to think of it as an entity that helps people. ”

    This reminds me of famous lines in the Movie “Rashomon.”

    Commoner: But is there anyone who’s really good? Maybe goodness is just make-believe.

    Priest: What a frightening…

    Commoner: Man just wants to forget the bad stuff, and believe in the made-up good stuff. It’s easier that way.

    Priest: Ridiculous.

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