Interveiw With Cheryl Welsh (2)

I truly appreciate your thorough response. In regard to your insight on modern American society, I was reminded of my own psychology report that I wrote in a college class. Here is citation of related part to this issue.
The motivation for “inclusion” of sociopaths is also deeply embedded in the American culture. In other words, some values of the American culture share symptoms of anti-social personality disorder (Stout, 2005).
In addition to “the sociopath-inclusive society” discussed above, comparatively strong narcissism is observed among Americans. People with narcissism hardly allow criticizing their own culture. As a matter of fact, high self-esteem can be a cause of narcissism. The book “Personality: Theory and Research”illustrates a psychological mechanism of how people maintain high self-esteem. The research exemplifies the Americans’ strategies as follows:
1. They compare themselves to others who are not doing well.
2. They blame others for personal failure.
3. They lower the perceived importance of activities on which they cannot perform competently. (Pervin, et al, 2010).

Regarding psychopath-inclusive society, many perpetrators who are playing a leading role in violation of other people’s privacy are said to have anti-social personality disorder. In fact, psychopath itself has existed since ancient time. The crucial point is that today enormous numbers of normal people are mentally directed to cooperate with psychopathic activities such as COINTELPRO in the U.S. For example, during my four-year stay in the U.S., I had to move three times due to evictions by the landlords for unreasonable reasons despite of my abiding legal contracts such as paying rent on time all the time. In the last case, the landlord persistently harassed me until I terminated the contract from my side. The other tenants who lived with me cooperated with COINTELPRO activities such as monitoring my private life and helping with covert harassment against me.
In addition, in every class I took in college, there were professors and/or students who always participated in COINTELPRO activities. They sabotaged my academic effort so I would receive lower grades than my actual academic ability. Most of them do not seem to be psychopath while some do indeed. Among the others, there is a student from the Communist China who has stalked me both on and out of campus for almost two years. He persistently harasses me especially when I go to Jacuzzi. No matter what time or what day I go to Jacuzzi, this Mainland Chinese student comes near, and he monitors me while I am bathing half-naked. He is a middle-aged male, and I am also a middle-aged male, thus, I do not think that his habit of this can be regarded as mentally healthy. Besides, when he was interrogated about human rights violations that he should be involved in, he could not show any sympathy with victims. On the contrary, he often had a perpetual grin on his face. These are typical symptoms of anti-social personality disorder (APA, 2000, “DSM-IV-TR”).
I found that one of the common reasons for these perpetrators to cooperate with violations of privacy is because by unilaterally invading other people’s privacy, the perps can feel as if they became superior to someone. In other words, this psychological trick provides the perps with fake high self-esteem. On the flip side, their fake self-esteem makes it more spontaneous and habitual for them to participate in the activities including constant privacy-theft against innocent civilians, because the perps fear that they lose self-esteem– and possibly sense of belonging, too— if they quit cooperating with organized harassment. This may be one reason why such a large number of “mentally normal” people’s mind is manipulated to spontaneously join cruel activities as equivalent cases were/are observed in East Germany under Stasi (Funder, 2003) and in the Communist China during the Cultural Revolution and now (See my research: “The Cultural Revolution and its Propaganda Methods” )

[Cheryl Welsh]
I will say that the mental labels are used too freely and I wouldn’t say the perps are sociopaths. They are human like you and I with faults, for better or worse etc. That’s the message of Lifton’s books. Labels dehumanize the issue. Also as I explain on my website I don’t agree with the gang-stalking explanation (See Footnotes). If the perps can mind read, it indicates a very sophisticated weapon system and they can target anyone, as in Delgado’s bulls, and control behaviors so you are set up to look like a paranoid and think your landlord is out to get you. It’s a program designed to destroy ones personality, it is a weapon that targets the mind and the high stress environment created by the perps is designed to do that, the landlords are not paid to harass you etc., rather they are controlled remotely in a program of harassment and they are unaware. I hear that from victims, TI’s all the time, it’s a pattern of systematic harassment that is highly effective. That’s my conclusions after networking and reading and researching etc. etc. for 20 years on this issue.

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