Aftermath of my father’s death

As described in the previous posting, my father, retired naval officer, was victimized in a serious crime in 2004. He was well known for compassionate, gentle personality. However, since it was a secret-crime case, the local police did not investigate it. Instead the police forcefully institutionalized me at a psychiatric hospital when I started looking into the case by myself. Since that time – until now – I have been deprived of any privacy, persistently stalked and harassed by so called organized stalkers, and even threatened to death several times.

This was not a paranoiac delusion. In fact, in Sep. 2005, about a year after my father passed away, one of my closest friends suddenly died an unknown cause of death. In her case as well, the police gave up identifying the reason of death. This happened exactly when I found the facts about my father’s case and tried to let her know about it because she also seemed to be a victim of the similar type of organized crime. Nonetheless, the perpetrators kept stalking and harassing me constantly 24 hours every day. I was exposed to extreme stress day after day over a few months. Even when I was at home, they used unclassified devices to peep into my privacy. I changed rooms to sleep, and for some days I stayed at a hotel, but the perpetrators chased me no matter where I went. Suffering from unbearable stress and miserable feelings, I started to think about putting an end to my life. Finally, I got myself prepared for death. I regretted so many things unaccomplished in my life.

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