Introduction of “Unprecedented Human Rights Violations”

In 2010 I created a database blog with some other volunteers, which has the title: “Unprecedented Human Rights Violations.” In this blog, we have introduced various news videos and articles, theses, excerpts from books about new types of human rights violations. As a matter of fact, in 2004 my father was killed in a covert crime. Usually it is the police’s job to investigate crimes. However, since my father’s case was, so to speak, a classified type of organized crime, even the police did not try to investigate it. Instead the police forcefully institutionalized me at a psychiatric hospital when I started looking into the case by myself. Since that time – until now – I have been deprived of any privacy, persistently stalked and harassed by so called organized stalkers, and even threatened to death several times. Therefore, I collected as much published information as possible about the crime by myself so that I could explain what happened to my father to the public.

Next, I started to share the information with other victims both in Japan and U.S.A. who were involved in similar cases. Finally, in October, 2010 I suggested to put all the information which we gathered into one database blog so that more people in public can refer to it. The topics of the blog contain many technical terms, and they have always been incredible, shocking, and dreadful, but the audience that accessed the blog was far broader than we expected. As of Mar. 2013, we have about 32,000 hits since the blog started about two and a half years ago; the blog visitors are not only from the U.S. and Japan, but also from all over the world, such as England, France, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Spain, other European countries, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, Brazil, and so on.

This blog is not meant to accuse any political parties, governments, or organizations, but to support the world’s victims of the new crimes. Thus, we would rather provide as much correct information as possible to help other victims find appropriate ways to alleviate their sufferings. Besides, this activity is totally non-profit and non-political; we volunteer because of pure compassion to help other victims, and possibly the future ones.
“Unprecedented Human Rights Violations.”

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